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About the Australasian Parliamentary Counsel's Committee

The PCC consists of the heads of the offices of Parliamentary Counsel for the Commonwealth, the States, the ACT, the Northern Territory and New Zealand. The current members are:

Ms Annette O'Callaghan
Parliamentary Counsel, New South Wales Parliamentary Counsel's Office
Ms Bianca Kimber Parliamentary Counsel, Australian Capital Territory Parliamentary Counsel's Office
Mr Geoff Lawn Parliamentary Counsel, Western Australia Parliamentary Counsel's Office
Mr Andrew Jones Chief Parliamentary Counsel, Northern Territory Office of the Parliamentary Counsel
Ms Cassie Nicholson Chief Parliamentary Counsel, New Zealand Parliamentary Counsel Office
Mr Tony Keyes Parliamentary Counsel, Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel
Ms Meredith Leigh First Parliamentary Counsel, Commonwealth Office of Parliamentary Counsel
Ms Aimee Travers Parliamentary Counsel, South Australia Office of Parliamentary Counsel
Ms Jayne Atkins Chief Parliamentary Counsel, Victoria Office of the Chief Parliamentary Counsel
Ms Katherine Woodward Chief Parliamentary Counsel, Tasmania Office of the Parliamentary Counsel

The PCC provides a forum for discussion about the development of legislation and the management of those drafting offices, and an IT Forum for those drafting offices. For details of PCC procedure for dealing with proposed national uniform legislation—see PCC procedure.